Conference Rooms ~ Multiple Groups Available From Small Meetings Up to 12 Attendees

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Business Hours are from Monday to Friday : 8 AM to 5 PM.

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Easy to access building - we are right off the 22, 57, and 5 freeway. View map below.

Schedule your next meeting and use one of our conference rooms, we have 4 different sizes for you to choose from. The conference rooms available can take up to 12 attendees. Make sure to fill out the form and choose your ideal number of attendees.

The Ross Fund's conference rooms are mostly used for:

  • Hosting Seminars, Events, or Meet-Ups
  • Workshops
  • Corporate Conferences
  • Annual or monthly meetings

"I been working in the building for nearly two years, and the Ross Fund team has been nothing but friendly, helpful and accommodating for me, my company, and my clients who I have met in the nice conference rooms we have here."

Richard Sandoval
Director of Business Development, Signal 88 Security

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Conference Room 4

Conference Room 3

Conference Room 1

Conference Room 2

Hourly Rate: $25
Maximum attendees: 2 - 6
Hourly Rate: $55
Maximum attendees: 9 - 14
Hourly Rate: $35
Maximum attendees: 6 - 8
Hourly Rate: $50
Maximum attendees: 8 - 10
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