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Odine Limansky
Orange County Legal Solutions

"The Ross Fund is an amazing place to work! They offer all the amenities that are needed to room a successful business! The girls up front are welcoming and are always here to provide support for my business needs. I feel comfortable and I know I cant count on having a great work week when Monday comes along."

Bosco Morales
Farmers Insurance

"Ross fund has been good experience leasing a office here. Since Ross Fund took over the building the changes has been very noticeable for the good reason. Their staff is  very professional and very helpful and building is looking great am so glad that I decide to stay here . I will recommend any body who is looking for an office to be."

Dr. Nissa Chantana
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"I would absolutely recommend The Ross Fund to anyone seeking a professional office suite. The building is well maintained with great amenities. The front stuff are friendly and welcoming to tenants clients alike. Management is responsive an truly cares about the needs of their tenants."

Richard Sandoval
Director of Business Development, Signal 88 Security

"I been working in the building for nearly two years, and the Ross Fund Team has been nothing but friendly, helpful and accommodating to me, my company, and my clients who I have met with in the nice conference rooms we have here."

Lea Mendoza

"I am relatively new to leasing office space from The Ross fund. I picked their office building to be the new site of my psychotherapy private because the building is easy to find. It is located on a main/major street, has ample parking for clients, and clients get to it from the 5, 57, and 22 Freeways. The management and staff are very responsive to our needs and always have a positive and "Can do" attitude! Leasing office space from The Ross Fund is an easy, quick and pleasant process, as well."

Natalia Dimaano
Certified Public Accountant

"I moved to the West Chapman office last year and I enjoy the friendly environment in the office. The reception area is manned by very friendly and helpful people. Darryl and Geisel are very approachable and provide the right atmosphere in the reception area.

Fresh brewed coffee along with tea is provided daily and every Wednesday, donuts are provided in the reception area for visitors and tenants alike.

The restrooms and the kitchen are clean and well maintained. The surrounding green belt area is filled with beautiful white roses and other plants.

I am happy to be working in this building. People working in this building are very pleasant and helpful."

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