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Finding an ideal virtual premise that offers the right services is hard to find, that's why our program has been improvised by asking our current clients for constant feedback. We are constantly regulating and improving the status of our virtual program. 

Our Virtual business address package is designed to meet your day to day tasks and take your business to the next level. There are optional amenities available for you to upgrade any time is needed. Instead of using your home address, you will use our address for important documents, business cards, and websites. Plus, you will prioritize your business when any problems arise. Scratch off repetitive tasks and sign up today to our virtual business address, our team will take a heavy load of work to give you additional hours to work on what you do best. 

Begin to use this package as it is designed for business owners without bearing the capital expense.

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Today, a lot of businesses are levering the opportunity to grow their business with Virtual Business Address for its simplicity and flexibility. With a Virtual Business address program, you can use this service to your advantage. A big plus for you and your business is the use of the address in any business documents. When you sign up with our virtual business address program you're eligible to use the address to give your business a local push in the Orange County.

Give your business a presence in Orange County, the entrepreneurial heart of California. The services included in the Virtual Business program consist of collecting your business mail, the usage of our postal address, high-speed internet access, and a welcoming reception.

Our Virtual package is designed to help starting business owners take over the most time-consuming tasks. The Ross Fund has spaces available if you want to upgrade and rent any of our additional amenities.

The Ross Fund Virtual Package for $99/mo
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Mail Collection & handing


Exclusive Orange
Postal Address

High Speed

Professional business presence in your industry.

Get access to the latest IT

Professionally trained

Don't miss important mail

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Optional Amenities

Access to Private Offices

Get your work done


Administrative Service

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Access Conference Rooms

Access any of our 4 different size conference room when you need it


Dedicated Phone Number Answered in your name

True brand representation

Starting at $25/hour

Mail Forwarding

Keep in contact with your mail from wherever you are

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Stop by and give us a visit so we can answer any of your questions in person. If you have any questions about our Virtual Office Policy please email at - we will be more than happy to give you more informaiton about our virtual office package.