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Frequently Asked Questions

When leasing out an office that meets my needs, what will the upfront cost be?

Your only upfront cost will be the DEPOSIT – typically equal to one month's rent.

What is available as utilities and amenities?

You will have access to high-speed internet, mail service, phone, and complementary coffee and tea.

What are the policies when moving in?

All you need is your photo ID.

What are the policies when moving out?

To move out you will need to provide us with a 60 day notice.

Does The Ross Fund do Credit Check?
Can I use your address for mail?

No we don't. All we need is an ID to get your lease process started.

Yes, you can be a virtual client for $75 per month.

Sometimes offices are already set up with furniture. Call and check.

Is renter's insurance covered in the cost of the lease?

No, you as a tenant need to obtain.

Will the rent increase over the term of the lease?

No, not if you sign a lease term – if you decided to do month to month lease cost can fluctuate.

Is there a parking at the building? How much does it cost for me as a tenant?
Is there parking for my clients?
What's the floor plan of the space I will be leasing?

Yes. Parking for your clients and guest is FREE.

We have different suites to meet different needs. We have suites available that range from 100-300 square feet.

What are the signage opportunities available?
Is this building easy to locate?  

Yes, we are right off the 57 with easy access to 5, 22, 55 freeways.

What lease terms are available?
Will I be able to sublease?  

We have plenty of options to meet your needs. We offer daily, weekly, monthly and yearly lease – your choice.  

Yes, we do offer virtual services. Contact the office for more information

Do you have virtual mail service opportunities?
How many office suites are in the building?

The building is approximately 25,000 feet and we have 110 doors.

You will need to contact management about the signage opportunities.

For all tenants, parking is free and there is no hidden fee.

How much will furniture cost?

No. Typically you will need to have the Ross Fund approve any request for additional people.

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